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Irontech Dolls


Irontechdoll has been listed as an authorized manufacturer by the world’s biggest doll forum (TDF) for 4 years. Irontechdoll offers sex dolls ranging from 3 ft 3 to 5 ft 6 height-wise, covering the most complete style of realistic sex dolls. All the Irontech dolls are fully customizable, you can choose various skin colors, eye colors, wig types, and nail colors, and decide standing or not. To make the doll more real, every Irontech sex doll comes with a cleaning device and heating rod from the manufacturer that allows you to control the temperature of the doll. YourDoll is the official Irontech dolls global vendor, we have access to all irontech dolls, no matter the classic TPE Dolls, even the latest silicone dolls, you can select the perfect one.



228 products
228 products