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Body Type

SEXDOLLBABE can produce dolls with many different body types. Here are some body types for example. You can choose the body types of dolls refer to the information below.

If you want some special body types in the pictures below, you can tell us through


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100cm D-Cup Breast White Skin


128cm Flat Chest 

135cm flat chest

140cm A cup

140cm C cup

140cm D cup


148cm Big Breast & Big Hip

150cm pregnant body with big breast

















152cm pregnant

153cm huge breast


155cm A cup & slim body

155cm A cup

156cm papaya breast

157 B cup

157cm Super BBW

158cm C cup

158cm D cup & thin waist

158cm D cup

158cm D cup

158cm pregnant

160cm B cup

162cm big butt

164cm muscel body

165cm C cup

165cm D cup

165cm small breast

166cm C CUP

168cm A cup

168cm D cup


170cm F cup

170cm M cup