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Who will buy sex dolls?

Jun 20,2023 | SexDollBabe

Let's dive into the fascinating world of sex doll ownership, where silicone beauties have reached new levels of realism. But before you start picturing a basement full of socially awkward men, let's debunk a few myths. Men who own sex dolls are just like any other guys, except maybe they've had a bit of "unlucky at love" in their lives. Surprisingly, research suggests that sex dolls may actually reduce sexual aggression, contrary to popular concerns. So, let's explore the uncanny valley of sex dolls and uncover the truth about the men who embrace them.

You know that feeling when something looks so close to human but is just off by a tiny margin? That's the uncanny valley at work. It applies to robots, computer animations, and yes, even sex dolls. These dolls have been around for centuries, from sailors' life-sized rag dolls to the blow-up variety popular in the 80s. But today's silicone dolls have crossed that valley, becoming virtually indistinguishable from real human models. It's both impressive and, let's admit it, a little uncomfortable for some.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about lifelike sex dolls. Feminists and legal scholars have voiced concerns that these dolls may encourage objectification of women and harm real relationships. Some have even called for a ban on these lifelike creations. It's a valid debate, but let's not forget to add a pinch of humor to the mix. We're talking about dolls here, not mind-controlling robots or an army of soulless clones.

Curious to know who these doll enthusiasts really are? Researchers at Nottingham Trent University decided to find out. They conducted a study comparing men who own sex dolls with those who don't. Surprise, surprise—there were few differences between the two groups. Sex-doll owners tended to be older, separated, or divorced, with a knack for finding women enigmatic. They had a slightly stronger sense of sexual entitlement but showed less desire to act aggressively towards women. And here's the kicker—they were more emotionally stable than non-owners. So, it seems like a mixed bag of quirks and unique experiences.

The study revealed that the defining factor for sex-doll owners was their romantic history. These men were often "unlucky at love," struggling to find or maintain romantic relationships. In their quest for a safer alternative, they turned to sex dolls. Instead of coercing women, they sought a sexual release and companionship with dolls. It's not ideal, but it's also not as sinister as some may imagine.

The Benefits of Dolls: Therapy or Trouble? Now, let's address the big question: Do sex dolls turn these men into soulless lovers incapable of meeting human partners' needs? Well, the study doesn't have a crystal ball, but let's be real. There are plenty of selfish lovers out there who've never touched a sex doll. We can't blame these dolls for everything.

In fact, sex dolls can provide a safe outlet for men who've been through tough times, whether from recent heartbreak or loss. They offer a way to fulfill their sexual needs without harming or exploiting anyone. And hey, if legalizing pornography has shown a decrease in sexual assault, perhaps embracing sex dolls might have similar positive effects. It's a thought to ponder, isn't it?

So, what kind of men buy sex dolls? They're regular guys who've had their fair share of romantic setbacks. They're not the villain's society often portrays them to be. In fact, sex doll ownership might even be a step towards reducing sexual aggression by offering an alternative outlet for unpartnered men. As long as we approach this topic with an open mind and a sprinkle of humor, we can engage in a meaningful discussion about relationships, desires, and the ever-evolving landscape of human intimacy.