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Question Answer
What Is A TPE Doll?     The TPE doll body is made of TPE. TPE is a smoother and softer material compared to silicone that will give the doll the human feel. It is also less expensive and lighter in weight, making it easier for you to move your doll compared to silicone which can also be very sticky.
Can I Request Actual Photos? All custom dolls are made to order, to assure you that you are getting the correct custom doll we will send you a photo of your doll before shipping it out. For in-stock sex dolls, we will send the doll the same as the photo, so we will not send you a factory photo unless you request it.
Can I Get A Doll In Stock US  with a Removal Vagina with The Same Shipping Time Of 3 To 10 Days? Our in-stock dolls are all with a fixed vagina. You can choose from our custom sex dolls.
Can I Order A Doll Head With A Different Doll Body? Yes, just place an order under the body and leave an order note that you wanna change the head to someone else.
Can I Look First And Read About Dolls Before Placing The Order? Sure, just contact our online customer service, we will provide more details about the dolls.
Does The Doll Come With Hair? Yes, the doll comes with a wig.
Are The Heads Attached? Yes, heads are removable and adjustable.
Are The Jelly Breasts Worth It?     It is worth it. Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast.
What Is The Advantage To A Removable Vagina? The biggest advantage is it’s for better cleaning.
Can I Buy A Moaning System For My Doll? Sorry, The moaning system is implanted in the doll and cannot be sold.
Do The Sex Dolls Have Come With Pubic Hair? Yes, all custom dolls have that option.
For The Dolls With Pubic Hair, How Is The Hair Attached? The hair will be implanted.
What Size Is The Doll In The Pictures? You could find the doll details in the description.
Do You Have Factory Photos Of This Doll? Please contact our online customer service, they will send the factory of the doll you want.
Can I Pay in Cash? We only provide the payment in credit cards and PayPal / PayPal Credit. 
What’s The Difference Between Advanced Dolls And General Sex Dolls That are In Stock? For the general version, she comes exactly as pictured with the wig, standard skeleton, built-in vagina, and standing feet.
 For the advanced version, she comes with more features, including jelly breast,  standing feet, and moaning function.
Where Are Dolls Shipped From? All orders are shipped from our factory based in Shenzhen. However, if you order an “In Stock” doll it will be shipped from a local warehouse near you and you can expect delivery within 3-10 days.
Can You Accept Paypal? Yes, we do accept PayPal payments. Just choose to pay in PayPal when checking out.
How Long Is Shipping? All dolls are made to order, after successfully processing your order we will immediately send the order to our factory to start production. It may take up to 10 days before your order is completed. Once shipped, for US standard shipping it may take 5-7 weeks. There is an option to expedite shipping for $12-$19 per kilogram via UPS or FedEx.
Where Do You Ship Your In-Stock Doll From? Our US warehouse is located in California, Canada warehouse is located in Toronto, EU warehouse is located in Hamburg.
Why Is It Too Long? Due to the current port congestion issue worldwide, recently there is a 7-14 days delay with deliveries.
Has My Custom Doll Shipped? All custom dolls are made to order. If you have not gotten our tracking number, I believe your doll is in production, no worry, you will get a factory photo once it was finished before being shipped out.


Do we ship extra heads from China to CA? Or can we get extra heads from US warehouse?

The extra head is shipped from China by air. There is no extra head in overseas warehouses, so, it is not possible to send extra heads from US warehouses to Canada.


How many days to process the return and replacement of damaged products?

Damaged products cannot be returned, and we will compensate according to the degree of damage; if the product is seriously damaged, we will send a new one to the customer; if the function is missing, we will consider to compensate for the function.

What is the meaning of label created?

Label Created means that the package has been shipped from the factory or overseas warehouse. If it is by sea, there will be two labels created, one is for the ship and the other is for UPS. And the two labels were almost created in China at the same time.

Generally, the shipping will start from China, and after arriving at the US port, it will be transferred to be shipped by UPS to reach the customer.

Why is it taking too long before the UPS received it?

Because the package is shipped from China to the United States, and they will be handed over to ups after arriving in the United States Port. However,  UPS's label creation is created before the shipment leaves China.

How many is the estimated days to receive the tracking number?

For the in-stock dolls in overseas warehouses, the tracking number will be provided on the second working day. As for the custom dolls,  the tracking number is provided in 3-10 days.

Can I add items after I have placed their order?  Will it be shipped the same as the 1st order?

Items can be added, but it is better not to change the extra features of the doll. Whether the add-on product can be shipped together depends on whether the doll is packaged. If it is packaged, the added items or accessories can be shipped by air. If the doll is completed, there is no way to add extra features to the doll.