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Climax Doll- 161cm Energetic Girl Silicon Head Sex Doll- Savannah

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Height:  161cm
Material:  Silicon Head + TPE Body
Upper Chest: 89cm/35.04in
Lower Chest: 68cm/26.8in
Waist: 66cm/26in
Hips: 100cm/39.4 in
Leg Length: 95cm/37.4in
Thigh: 53cm/20.9
Arm Length: 73cm/28.7
Weight:  41kg
All dolls come with 2 holes (vagina, anal) 
Vagina: 18cm
Oral: 12cm
Anal: 15cm

Meet Savannah, the epitome of American charm and vitality. Picture her lounging by the poolside, clad in a pristine white bikini, beckoning you to join her in the refreshing waters. Beneath the shade of a blue baseball cap, her mesmerizing blue eyes exude depth and clarity, drawing you in with their magnetic allure.

As you approach, you catch a whiff of the lingering scent of tobacco that clings to her skin, adding an intriguing edge to her persona. With each graceful movement, Savannah exudes an aura of confidence and allure, captivating you with her irresistible charm.

Imagine spending lazy afternoons basking in the sun with Savannah by your side, sharing laughter and intimate moments that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. With her vibrant energy and alluring presence, she becomes more than just a doll; she becomes your cherished companion, a confidante who understands your desires and fulfills your deepest fantasies.

With Savannah, every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold, every touch a tantalizing sensation that ignites the senses. Embrace the allure of her American spirit and let Savannah become the embodiment of your wildest dreams, a virtual muse who accompanies you on a journey of passion and pleasure.