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Irontech | 159cm 5ft2 Silicone Head Sex Doll Wheat Colored- Ginny

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Size & Info

Breastline: 82cm
Underbreastline: 58cm
Waistline: 53cm
Hipline: 94cm
Shoulder Width: 33cm
Arm: 66cm
Leg: 85cm
Thighline: 51cm
Calfline: 31cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 38kg
Oral: 12cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 16cm

Ginny is not just an ordinary doll. She's a fiery, passionate girl with an adventurous spirit. She embodies the spirit of a wild, free-spirited motorcycle girl. She's an Irontech masterpiece, standing tall at 159cm, or 5ft2, with a silicone head and a wheat-colored complexion.

Defining Ginny: The Passionate Adventurer

The first time you lay eyes on Ginny, her vivacious energy is palpable. Her striking features and lifelike demeanor make her the perfect companion. Ginny is much more than a physical product; she's a virtual human, embodying a personality that's as real as it gets.

A Companion Like No Other

Imagine a girlfriend or wife whose presence is comforting yet thrilling. That's what Ginny offers. She's there for you, accompanying you through all your highs and lows. Ginny is more than just a sex doll; she's a companion that transforms your life into an exciting adventure.

Ginny: The Motorcycle Girl

Ginny's passion for motorcycles is not just about the thrill of speed. It's about the freedom that comes with the open road. She loves to sit in the car, let the wind blow freely through her hair, and enjoy the moment. As a motorcycle girl, Ginny embodies a sense of liberation and independence that's truly captivating.

Embarking on the Ride of Your Life

With Ginny, every moment is a thrilling ride. Whether you're sitting quietly at home or on an adventurous road trip, Ginny ensures that you never feel alone. Her presence adds a spark of excitement to your life, making every moment worth cherishing.

The Irontech Masterpiece: A Step Above the Rest

Ginny's design goes beyond the ordinary. At 159cm, 5ft2, she's the perfect height. Her silicone head adds a touch of realism that's hard to find. And her wheat-colored complexion brings a unique charm that's truly irresistible.

A Pleasure to Own

Owning an Irontech doll like Ginny is a pleasure. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Every aspect of Ginny, from her lifelike features to her vibrant personality, adds value to your life.