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Irontech Doll - 169cm Full Silicon Dark Tanned Bunny Girl- Delia

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Size & Info

Breastline: 80.5cm
Underbreastline: 67.5cm
Waistline: 57cm
Hipline: 90cm
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Arm: 63cm
Leg: 89cm
Thighline: 48cm
Calfline: 30.5cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 38kg
Oral: 12cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 16cm

Meet Delia, the enchanting bunny girl who will whisk you away to a world of fantasy and desire. With her mesmerizing waist-length curly hair, Delia exudes charm and elegance. Picture her in her signature pink bikini, adorned with cute bunny ears and holding a magic wand, ready to grant your deepest wishes.

As you gaze into her captivating eyes, you'll feel a connection like never before. Delia's warm smile invites you to join her in a dance, her graceful movements enticing you to lose yourself in the moment. With each step, you'll be transported to a realm where fantasies come to life and inhibitions fade away.

Imagine Delia by your side, her thigh-length white stockings and delicate white gloves adding to her allure. She's not just a doll; she's a companion, a confidante, and a muse. Whether you seek companionship or adventure, Delia is here to fulfill your every desire, making every moment spent with her feel like a dream come true.