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Irontech Doll - 169cm Full Silicon Dark Tanned Stewardess Uniform- Rosalyn

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Size & Info

Breastline: 80.5cm
Underbreastline: 67.5cm
Waistline: 57cm
Hipline: 90cm
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Arm: 63cm
Leg: 89cm
Thighline: 48cm
Calfline: 30.5cm
Feet: 22cm
Weight: 38kg
Oral: 12cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 16cm

Rosalyn, the embodiment of allure and elegance, steps into your life like a dream.

With her captivating gaze and graceful demeanor, she transforms any room into a sanctuary of intimacy. As a stewardess, she brings with her the promise of adventure and the thrill of exploration. Picture her in her crisp uniform, the blue hat perched perfectly atop her head, her every movement a symphony of confidence and poise.

With each step, she beckons you to join her on a journey of passion and desire. And as she turns to glance back at you, suitcase in hand, it's as though she's whispering, "Come away with me." Whether it's the allure of a far-off destination or the comfort of home, Rosalyn is your faithful companion, ready to fulfill your every fantasy and desire.