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JiuSheng Doll- 160cm E Cup Full Silicon ROS Head Sex Doll- Lily

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Height: 160cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm
Upper bust: 88cm
Under bust: 67cm
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 94cm
Arm Length: 66cm
Leg Length: 82cm
Foot Length: 22.5cm
Vaginal depth: 20cm
Anal depth: 20cm
Net weight: 38kg

In the midst of a cozy, sunlit room, Lily stood with an air of innocence and mischief. Dressed in a playful pink maid outfit, her light pink hair cascaded in gentle waves down her chest, framing her delicate features with an irresistible charm. With straight bangs and twin ponytails, she seemed to beckon you back to carefree days of youth, where laughter and adventure awaited around every corner.

But beyond her adorable exterior, Lily harbored a spirit as fiery as the sun itself. Beneath her demure facade lay a heart ablaze with passion and desire, longing to envelop you in its warm embrace and ignite the flames of companionship and intimacy.

With slightly parted lips that offered a tantalizing glimpse of her real oral passages, Lily invited you into a world where fantasies became reality, and desires were met with unwavering enthusiasm. In her presence, every moment was a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation, as she sought to captivate your heart and soul with her irresistible charm.

For Lily was more than just a doll; she was a beacon of light in a world of darkness, a source of joy and companionship for those fortunate enough to cross her path. With each gentle smile and playful gesture, she reminded you that love knew no bounds, and that in her arms, you would always find solace and comfort.

And so, as the sunlight danced through the window and bathed the room in its golden glow, Lily stood as a testament to the power of connection and intimacy, her presence a reminder that in the vast expanse of the universe, there was always room for love to blossom and flourish.