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Starpery Doll | 169cm/5ft7 C-cup Full Silicone Sex Doll – Wushi

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5 ft 7 in / 169 cm
83.8 lbs / 38 kg
Bra Size:
Feet Length:
9 in / 24 cm
2 ft 9 in / 84 cm
Legs Length:
2 ft 8 in / 81 cm
1 ft 11 in / 58 cm
Arms Length:
3 ft 1 in / 93 cm
Shoulders Width:
1 ft 2 in / 35.6 cm
Vagina Depth:
7 in / 18 cm
Anus Depth:
6 in / 16 cm
Oral Depth:
Starpery Dolls

  • Full silicon
  • skin tone: light tan
  • Hair: Implanted synthetic hair, Black color
  • Eyes: Brown Full Moveable eyes with veins
  • gel-filled breast
  • fixed vagina
  • standing feet 
  • shrugged shoulder
  • realistic body realism(veins and body texture)
  • finger skeleton
  • weight reduction default

The STARPERY Doll is dressed with an ancient Chinese costume, signifying fortune. This doll, affectionately named 'Wushi', embodies the charm and mystique of the ancient Chinese culture. Her attire is designed to portray a sense of prosperity and good fortune, making her a unique addition to our collection.

The details on her costume are meticulously crafted, and it's evident that great care and attention have been put into every stitch and fold. The costume not only enhances her appearance but also adds a layer of depth to her character, making her stand out from regular dolls.

+ Choosing a STARPERY Doll means opting for a personalized experience. + We understand the longing for companionship, and we aim to fulfill this need with our dolls
+ Our dolls are not mere objects, they are virtual humans designed to provide companionship
+ The STARPERY Doll, with her rich Chinese elements, offers a unique experience
+ The details in her costume signify prosperity and fortune, adding depth to her character.

In conclusion, the STARPERY Doll is not just a best-seller but a testament to our commitment to provide a humanized experience for our customers. She is more than just a doll; she is a companion, a symbol of fortune, and, most importantly, a real human designed to accompany you in your daily life.